Cultured Diamonds And Its Benefits

How are cultured diamonds produced?

Polished diamonds are usually generated by the chemical method of vapour deposition. Now, you must be wondering that what the meaning of vapor deposition is. Vapour deposition is a process through which certain circumstances and different environmental conditions are created to grow the diamonds. These conditions are essential for the carbon atoms that are present in a gas; which helps the particles to settle on each of the diamond substrates. This settlement on the substrate is obtained in the crystalline form. These diamonds are artificially produced and can also be classified as human-made diamonds.

Cultured Diamonds

There are several benefits of a cultured diamond. To introduce the brief explanation of cultured diamonds, they are also known as synthetic diamonds.

Technological Processes

These diamonds are crystals that are produced through various technological processes. However, these are very different from the natural diamonds which are directly produced through various geological processes.


The environmental circumstances are controlled to allow the maintenance of consistency in the production of diamonds with higher quality.

History of the Diamonds

1920x1036_2014217104153409The Japanese were the first to pioneer their introduction in this field. They initiated the discovery by passing blue-diamond-wedding-ring-hd-wallpaper-650x454hydrogen gas along with gaseous elements that contained carbon. This carbon-containing gas that they have used was termed as what we call today as methane. The mixture of these two gasses was passed into a quartz tube. The pressure of the settlement was 0.05 atm. Consequently, the mixture was again heated to eight hundred degrees Celsius using the microwaves. This procedure dissociated the hydrogen and methane gas into their elemental forms. Now, it was discovered that the carbon was being deposited on the substrate and thus the major portion was classified as graphite, and a petite proportion was specified as that of the diamond crystal. The hydrogen gas is then used to remove the graphite. And a thin layer was obtained. This layer was initially composed of the diamond. At the initiation stage, the discovery proved that the layer of the diamond was almost twenty-five micrometers in length according to its thickness.


Nature is the mother and it has provided the humanity with such a perfect creation. This can also be considered as the reason behind the clarity of these diamonds. The primary sector of determination regarding these valuable and precious gems is its inclusions. All these properties upheld by the cultured diamonds are notified due to the process through which it is manufactured as well as produced. However, recent up gradation in machinery and technological advancements have traced out the fact of the properties exhibited by the cultured diamonds over the version of the Mother Nature. The process of manufacture of cultured diamonds is similar to that of nature except for the creation of a controlled environment.